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How do they work?

Vault users have the benefit of optimizing transaction costs by automating the compound interest from the returns generated. The Dark Matter team achieved this by improving upon previously tested optimizing strategies and implementing them into our own DMU.
Here is a Basic Example for Novice DeFi Users
Users no longer need to worry about harvesting and compounding their earnings every day. The Vault strategies do it automatically.
By staking FTM/DMD LP into the vaults users earn FTM/DMD LP tokens.
  • This is done by calling the Harvest function which any user can do. When the function is called the contract then harvests the DMD earnings
  • A percentage of the DMD earned is sold into the market to obtain FTM and then that FTM is paired with the remaining DMD to create additional FTM/DMD LP
  • Every time this happens the LP shares for each Vault user increases
Users will not see any visible rewards coming in. But the vault is always earning more LP tokens which means the users who are staking into the vaults are earning more LP tokens. When users withdrawl they will have more FTM/DMD LP tokens than deposited.

How to Use Vaults

  1. 1.
    Approve contract.
  2. 2.
    Deposit your assets.
  3. 3.
    Watch them grow daily.

How does DarkMatter benefit from this: Fees

4.5% - Performance Fee
0.1% - Withdrawal fee
The performance fee is divided into: That 4.5% is used to buy back DMD that will be used for something in the future as well.
These fees are included in the strategy-masterchef you do not need to take out a pencil and a calculator.


Deposit fee
  • None
Unstaking fee
  • 0.5%
 if you unstake (withdraw) within 72 hours.
  • Only applies within 3 days of manually staking.
  • After 3 days, you can unstake with no fee.
  • The 3-day timer resets every time you manually stake more DMD in the pool.
  • This fee only applies to manual unstaking: it does not apply to automatic compounding.
Performance fee
  • 2%, subtracted automatically from each yield harvest.
  • For example, if the harvest was 10 DMD, then 0.2 DMD would be subtracted as the performance fee.
  • If you don't want to pay the fee, you just have to wait the 3 days.

Vault Risks

The token received from DARK_DMD-FTM cannot be sold, and avoid transferring it between addresses, in case of losing it you will lose your funds.