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Prize Wheel

Spin the wheel to get your numbers win some prizes!
The prize wheel offers the Dark Matter DeFi Alien community with another way to use their earned DMD. Try your luck at the Prize wheel! Match your numbers with the winning number and get some DMD back! We use Orai Chain VRF to generate the random winning number.

How To Use The Wheel

Step One: You first need to approve the wheel contract to enteract with it. Click the approve button and confirm in metamask or DeFi wallet you are using.
Step Two: You need to burn 10 DMD to gain access to the prize wheel functions. Click the burn button, confirm the popup and confirm in your wallet.
Step Three: Now you can generate your numbers for this round. You can generate up to 10 numbers per round and as little as 1. Each number will cost the user 420 DMD which is deposited into the prize pool. Generate 1, 5 or 10 numbers by choosing the corresponding button on the wheel page.
Step Four: Next you buy your generated numbers. You can see the price of your generated numbers above the button. You can also see the numbers generated for you in this round. Click the buy numbers button and confirm in your wallet. Note: There is a 4% fee for all the DMD deposited for each round.
Step Five: There is a counter on the wheel page to let you know when the next drawing will happen. Wait for the countdown timer to expire and come back to see if you have any winning numbers.
On the wheel page you can see the total prize pool amount. After the drawing happens you can visit this page again to see if you won any DMD. If you did win the Claim Rewards Button will be active for and it's going to show you the winning number.