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NFT Staking

Dark Matter DeFi Earn DMD with NFTs

What Is NFT Staking?

On Dark Matter DeFi staking nfts is similar to staking tokens. You simple choose the NFT you want to stake and click the stake button. Everything should be familiar to those who yield farm. We are one of the first projects to offer NFT staking on the Fantom Opera Network. Our goal is to offer a frictionless experience and high yields while retaining ownership of your NFTs.

How does NFT Staking Help DMD?

  • Our NFT staking pools give us the option to offer partners their own staking pools for their collections. But we require these projects to buy DMD for the pools putting increasing buy pressure on the DMD token.
  • We get exposure to our partners communities and investors driving traffic and volume to our project.
  • It keeps the floor price of stakeable NFTs higher than your average NFT.

How is NFT Staking Pools APR Calculated?

  • We get the TVL by multiplying the total NFT staked with the nftMarketPrice where nftMarketPrice is the average price taken from NFT marketplace.
  • APR is calculated by dividing rewardPerYear by TVL * 100
  • tvl = totalStaked * nftMarketPrice apr = rewardPerYear / tvl * 100
  • RewardPerYear = rewardPerSecond * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365 * rewardTokenPrice