Dark Matter Docs

User Panel

Control the contract owner function of your NFT contract
After you deploy an NFT collection through our launchpad you can manage the contract owner functions on the user panel page. This puts all the control in the hands of the artist and allows them to manage their mint process in the way they see fit.

How it Works

The user panel is pretty straight forward. You can update most of the information from when you deployed the contract and you can manage some other cool owner functions too.
  • Specific URIs: You can change the base URI and norevealed URI if needed
  • Mint Details: You can change the price per mint, max mint per tx, and max mint per address
  • Transfer Ownership: You can transfer ownership of the contract to another fantom wallet
  • Add Whitelist: you can add a list of address who can mint when the white listing function is turned on
  • Withdraw All: You can withdraw all the earnings from the mint
  • Reveal: You can reveal the NFTs to the community. This reveals all images and attributes.
  • Unpause/Pause: This unpauses and pauses the NFT contracting for minting
  • Turn Whitelist On: This will turn on and off the white listing feature. When turned on only white listed addresses can mint. When turned off anybody can mint if the contract is unpaused.