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Deploy NFT Contract

How to deploy an NFT contract on the Dark Matter DeFi NFT Launchpad
The Deploy Contract Function lets our users deploy and NFT collection. The contract deployed is owned by the user who deployed the contract. DMD does not retain ownership over the NFT contracts deployed on our Launchpad.

How it Works

  • The artist should already have the Norevealed URI ready. A provinence record of your minting is highly recomended.
  • Before they can start they must be white listed by the DMD team in order to deploy and NFT collection.
  • When the artist is ready they fill out the required fields.
    • Project Name: this is your projects name
    • NFT Symbol: this is the nft symbol you will see on ftm scan
    • Base URI: this is the IPFS link to your json files for the NFTs
    • No Revealed URI: this is the IPFS link to your norevealed json file for the NFTs
    • Max Supply: this is the max supply of the NFT collection
    • Price Per Mint: this is the cost per NFT when minting
    • Max Mint Per Tx: this is the amount of NFTs a user cant mint in one transaction
    • Max Mint Per Address: this is the total amount of NFTs each address can own
  • Click the create button and confirm the transaction in metamask
  • After the contract is created copy the NFT contract from the pop up on our website and then click the "user panel" link on the pop up.