NFT Launchpad

Deploy and NFT contract and manage it with our user panel
The Dark Matter DeFi NFT Launchpad enables users to deploy an NFT contract using the DMD Factory NFT contract. The user who deploys this NFT contract is the owner of the NFT contract. DMD does not retain any ownership of the contract. There are two parts of the NFT launchpad. Deploy and User Panel.

Deploy NFT Contract

This is where the user will input specific information and deploy the NFT contract from the DMD factory NFT contract. The user sets the NFT name, symbol, base URI, Noreveal URI, max supply, price per mint, max mint per tx and max mint per address. After completing all the required fields a user can click the create button.
White Listing: A user can NOT create an NFT contract on the Dark Matter DeFi launchpad without being white listed by the DMD team.

User Panel

The NFT Contract user panel is where the contract owner can perform contract owner functions. Only the contract owner can perform these functions. After creating your NFT contract the owner can load it into the user panel and see the various functions to manage. Some of those functions are; pause, unpause, reveal, white listing function for a private sale, change mint price among other things. The user panel puts control back into the artist hands. Our goal is to remove any technical barriers an artist may encounter when creating an NFT collection.

Getting Prepared

We have added a more in-depth guide so you know what you need to be prepared to launch through the DMD Launchpad! This covers thing such as image hosting, JSON file configuration, and more. If you have any questions or get confused, just reach out to us through Discord or Telegram!