The NFT multisender tool is something our team built that gives flexibility to send multiple NFT’s to one user in one go. Also, it allows us to Airdrop multiple NFT’s to multiple users/winners at one

How it works?

Selecting contract address of NFT project that you want to airdrop/multisend:
You can select the contract address in following 2 ways:
1- Selection of contract address using ftmscan:
  • Visit https://ftmscan.com/
  • Paste/Insert your metamask wallet address in search bar.
  • After that, go to Token area where you will find your ERC-20 and ERC-21 Tokens (NFT). Look into ERC-21 tokens for contract address of project whose NFT’s you want to send/airdrop.
  • Click on Project you want and then copy contract address of it (In my case I choose binary punks)
  • Click on “NFT Multi Sender” and paste copied contract address in “contract address” section, after that click “approve” and confirm in metamask and then click on “Load”.
2- Drop Down Selection: This drop down consists of all NFT projects that are part of Dark matter defi. It includes all the projects that have collabed with dark matter defi.
  • Select the project you want from drop down menu, click on “approve” on confirm it metamask and click “Load”.
  • Selection of NFT’s: After Loading the collection and then select NFT’s that you want to airdrop/multisend.
  • Multi Send: After selecting NFT’s that you want to send just click on “multi send” to send multiple NFT’s to one receiver. Paste address and click on “confirm send”.
  • Air drop: After selecting NFT’s that you want to air drop just click on “Air drop” to send multiple NFT’s to multiple winners/users in one go. Paste address of different air drop winners in input addresses and click on “Confirm Air Drop”
How does this Benefits the users?
Streamlined process of sending multiple NFTs to a single or multiple addresses. It surely saves a lot of time as you can send/airdrop multiple NFT’s to one or multiple addresses
Note: in some cases the NFT will not be seen in the UI, the reasons are misconfiguration of the JSON or it does not have a tokenOfOwnerByIndex (ERC721Enumerable) in this case you can use the Multisender contract via web3.