Multi Pool

Stake DMD to earn Various other Fantom Ecosystem tokens

What is the Multi Pool?

The multipool is similar to the normal pools only the rewards system is different. With our normal pools you can only earn a single reward (DMD) where as in the multi pool you can earn many different rewards. Currently the multipool is offering rewards in WFTM, LP-PGUNK/FTM and EGUNK. Any token can be added to the pool as a reward at any time.

How do I use the Multi Pool?


It is very easy. Navigate to the Multi Pool section on our website and click the "approve" button. Once you approve you can deposit your DMD into the multi pool to start earning rewards in other tokens. To do this you enter the amount you want to deposit and click the "stake" button.


To withdraw your DMD from the pool simply put in the amount you want to withdraw and click the "withdraw" button.

Get Rewards

Claiming you rewards is as easy as clicking the button that says "get reward". Doing this will harvest all of your rewards into your wallet.