Series #2 - DMD Aliens

Series 2 is the second public NFT release from Dark Matter DeFi.


Series #2 is our first generative artwork NFT drop. There are thousands of different minting possibilities. Each NFT is also given an Staking Ability Score which determines the staking power for that NFT. The ability score is on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest and most powerful. Below you can see how many NFTs exist for each ability level. Ability Level 1 = 334 NFTs
Ability Level 2 = 336 NFTs
Ability Level 3 = 288 NFTs
Ability Level 4 = 245 NFTs
Ability Level 5 = 205 NFTs
Ability Level 6 = 184 NFTs
Ability Level 7 = 149 NFTs
Ability Level 8 = 97 NFTs
Ability Level 9 = 76 NFTs
Ability Level 10 = 28 NFTs


We originally planned for the Series 2 Collection to have an initial supply of 2000 while reserving an additional 1000 to be released later during Planet Mystery Boxes. However, due to an error in the Smart Contract, when we burned an NFT it turned off the ability to mint anymore from the collection. Thus the overall supply has reduced from 3,000 to 1,942 (1943 - 1).
Fortunately, this mostly benefits the holder, as there is now a higher APR for the Series 2 Collection as well as an overall reduced supply, making each Ability a bit more valuable. Total NFTS: 1942
Staking Pool Rewards: 1,500,000 $DMD
Duration: 152 Days