Series #1 - Boxed Generals

Original artwork 18 different designs with 1000 NFTs minted
A lot of hard work and dedication was put into the Dark Matter NFT features and artwork. We have decided to keep the mint price relatively low in order to allow everyone a shot at getting a Boxed General. Each general was carefully designed and crafted. The clothing, background stories, and accessories are all inspired by a DMD volunteer or team member. Some of the boxed Generals are more rare than the others. Each boxed General can be staked in the NFT Staking Pool to earn $DMD. Series 1 was the first NFTs released to the public by Dark Matter DeFi. Mint cost was 15 FTM and the 1000 NFTs sold out in 22 minutes.


Total Minted: 1000
Staking Pool Rewards: 1,250,000 $DMD
Duration: 365 Days