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Members NFT

We wanted to create an NFT with more utility than not. So the Members NFT is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 4 Different levels, bronze, silver, gold and purple each with different rarity.
The Members NFT is a collection of 1269 generative pieces of artwork. Each NFT is bronze, silver, gold, or purple.
Base Color
Amount of NFTs in Collection

What is the Members NFT Utility?

Member NFTs grant holders access to various different members only features.
Access To Games - like the weekly discord battles, poker, chess and various other contest the DMD team runs. You must be holding a members NFT to participate in any of these.
Access to Private Chat - A chat room which gives you closer connection to the DMD core team. A place for like minded people who want to help the project grow. You must verify you are holding a members NFT to gain access to the channel.
Monthly Air Drop - All Member NFT holders will get a monthly air drop on the 1st of every month. Broze 1x, Silver 2x, Gold 3x, Purple 4x
Farm Boosting Multipliers - Boost your farm, vault and pool positions by locking your Member NFT for a determined duration. Locking your NFT will boost your farm Yield for the locked duration.
Members Only dAPP - a page on the website which can only be accessed by holding a members NFT. This page will offer all the member features listed above and any future ideas we implement.
Governance - 1 Members NFT is 1 vote