How To Use DMD NFTs

Instructions on how to view, stake, transfer and sell NFTs


Visit the DMD "My NFT's Page" If you own some DMD NFT's you will see your NFTs listed under this page. At the top there is a filter system.


This filter list cards of ALL the different series of NFTs you own. E.g. if you own Series 0, Series 1 and a Founders Token, you will see 3 different cards under the "All" filter. If you only own, lets say a Series 1 you will only see 1 card under the "All" filter. If you own zero NFTs you will see nothing!
You can see in the image above I only own Series #1 Boxed Generals so it only shows me that Series card. These cards also show you how much DMD your NFTs have earned and an option to harvest the DMD earned.


The "Series" #1 or #0, etc, etc, will show ALL of the NFTS you own for that SPECIFIC series. E.g. if you click Series #1 and you own 15 of the Series #1 NFTs it will show the 15 NFTS you own on that page.
You can see in the image above I have 3 Series #1 NFTs showing. The cards showing have also been staked which means I can perform no other functions with them.
In the above image you see an NFT which has not been staked. This NFT can be staked, it can be sold on a third party marketplace, or a user can transfer it. Clicking the transfer button will open a popup for a user to input an address and click send. Clicking the sell button will take a user to the third party marketplace. Clicking the stake button will stake the NFT into the staking pool.