Founders Token

Original artwork 1 design with 169 NFTs minted.
What is a Founders Token?
The Founders Token (FT) is the first Dark Matter NFT which we awarded to early adopters, community members, volunteers, and the team. Tokens were handed out, they were won during pre-launch contests, or they were given to presale participants who purchased the maximum buyin amount.
What do Founders Tokens do?
Founders Tokens at launch will give holders access to a private telegram group chat. FT's can be staked into special pools for extra DMD! Holding a FT provides users with exclusive access to contests, airdrops, and more!
Will you be able to buy and sell them after distribution?
The answer is YES! You can sell and buy your FT's, but remember, selling your token relinquishes your ability to use its features anymore; including the private group chat.


Total Minted: 169 NFTs